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Gar N. Chan, D.D.S., Inc.

5 out of 5 stars based on 223 reviews.

Patient Review from MAKAYLA P

Everything is great when I come here. I never have to wait and they are flexible with scheduling. I love it!


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Patient Review from Annamarie P

Great staff and I enjoy coming here for any dental procedures I may need!

- Annamarie P

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Patient Review from Sally P

Dr. Chan's office is a pleasure to visit. I used to have great anxiety prior to dental visits and now those issues are all over. Rhona Lee is so efficient and pain free when cleaning my teeth; plus, she goes over any problem areas that I may have. Dr. Chan is absolutely thorough in his exam - any question I ask is answered completely. I have been coming here for 16 years and plan to continue. I am so glad I found this office.

- Sally P

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Patient Review from Nick I

Everyone always asks me why I commute all the way to Gilroy for dentistry work when I can just see someone in San Jose... I like it here way too much and am very grateful to be a client here. Excellent staff, doctor, and service...ALWAYS! 🙂

- Nick I

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Patient Review from Steven L

Very great staff, very friendly, great recommendations

- Steven L

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Patient Review from Sue W

I have been coming to Dr. Chan for many years and would never consider going anywhere else for my dental needs. All staff make you feel comfortable and feel like part of the family. Best dental office in Gilroy!!!

- Sue W

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Patient Review from Tina R

Very, very satisfied with Dr. Chan and his very professional staff! I'm so glad I was referred here years ago. 5 Stars!

- Tina R

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Patient Review from Gary P

couldn't ask for better dental care.

- Gary P

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Patient Review from Brittany P

Generally, I do not enjoy going to the dentist, but I am always made to feel very comfortable during my visits here. The staff is friendly, courteous, and have a genuine interest in their patients. They always remember me each time I come in, and make sure to ask what I have been doing since my last appointment.

- Brittany P

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Patient Review from Carolyn Dunkak J

It's a winning team! Excellent

- Carolyn Dunkak J

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Patient Review from Carl P.

- Carl P.

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Patient Review from Sandy S.

- Sandy S.

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Patient Review from Espinosa A

I will recomended to any body

- Espinosa A

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Patient Review from Kiera S.

- Kiera S.

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Patient Review from A. Russell

"I love going to the dentist!" many people can say that and truly mean it? Dr. Chan has been our family dentist for over 25 yrs; and although each one of us has their individual dental needs, Dr. Chan and his staff have been OUTSTANDING in caring for us matter what procedure, time of day, or even what day (like responding on weekends). One of the things I particularly like is that Dr. Chan is always improving his skills by continuing education....... but if it is out of his area of expertise, he will be honest and find the right doctor for you for that special procedure. It's no wonder his practice has grown! But I have grown also, in my knowledge of the best way to care for my teeth by having him as my dentist, Rona as my hygienist and their staff, Claudette, Sandra and Susan caring for me.

- A. Russell

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Patient Review from Brittany G.

I have recommended my friends to Dr. Chan's office. I have been seeing him for over 15 years and I have been satisfied every visit!

- Brittany G.

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Patient Review from Seong K.

Like many people, I did not like going to the much dislike I neglected going for over 7 years. After encouragement from my wife, I finally was referred to Dr. Chan from a co-worker. Dr. Chan and his staff is extremely professional, friendly and accommodating. All my fears and anxieties were gone within the initial visit. All my procedures were done with no pain and minimal post discomfort. Now going to the Dentist is not even an issue since going to Dr. Chan's office. Thank you Dr. Chan, Rhona, Claudette and the rest of the great staff.

- Seong K.

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Patient Review from Bruce W.


- Bruce W.

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Patient Review from Jack W.

The best dental office I've ever been to! I wouldn't continue being a patient here if I didn't like it. I've been coming here for 8 or 9 years!

- Jack W.

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Patient Review from Mary C.

Very comfortable coming to this office since I have been coming since I was very young.

- Mary C.

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Patient Review from Katrina F.


- Katrina F.

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Patient Review from Judy B.

They work with my appointments good, the staff is friendly and I feel very comfortable. That is why I have been coming here so long!

- Judy B.

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Patient Review from Robert A.

Excellent service. Good advice very conscientious about patient comfort level.

- Robert A.

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“I just had an implant put in by Dr. Chan and I could not imagine a better experience. It was painless process for me and Dr. Chan was very helpful. I would recommend this office for any dental reasons to anyone.”

—Patrick S.
Gilroy, CA


“Dr Chan, his lovely wife, and staff are the most competent, pleasant, and friendly group that I have ever encountered in my life….and I am very old…I actually look forward to my appointments….”

—Alice S.
Gilroy, CA


“Dr. Chan has been our family dentist for well over 16 years. Rhona Lee has been our hygienist for the same amount of time. I cant give enough positive feedback about this dentist office and their fantastic staff. Claudette and Sandra have always been there to answer any administrative questions we may have in a timely fashion.
This office is also “kid friendly” Dr. Chan has been overseeing my daughter since her first tooth and she is now 14 years. Since she has has such great experiences with all of her visits, going to the dentist has never been a problem. I would highly recommend this office to anyone!!! Not sure what we are going to do when it’s time for him to retire.
On closing I would like to recognize Ms. Susan Baldwin (hygienist) new to Dr.Chans staff. Recently I had a visit for a normal 6 month cleaning. Susan, in Rhona Lee’s absence performed the cleaning. I had a fantastic experience she did a great job and is super friendly. I would not have expected any less as Dr. Chan would not have hired anybody on his staff without having the fine qualities his office provides.
Thank you”

—Joe C.
Gilroy, CA


“They email me a reminder 2 days before appointment – who does that? – and are extremely accommodating when traffic gets me on the way there. Great Staff.”

—David B.
Morgan Hill, CA


“Excellent dentist. Quite reasonable charges. Dr. Chan did very good dental work on my check up and filling. Nice office and very good staff. They toke care of my dental insurance bill. Will recommend friends and relatives to go there for dentistry.”

—J.G. J.
Milpitas, CA


“I was referred to this dentist office through a friend when I was in Gilroy and had such a great experience that I’ve actually been coming here from San Jose for about 3 or 4 years now. I come here because:

  • Dr. Chan and Rhona Lee are are both really really nice and very knowledgeable
  • The teeth cleaning I get is very gentle and they give great advice and answer any questions I have.
  • Claudette at the front desk is always easy to work to schedule appointments and update information
  • The atmosphere is very relaxed

I can’t ask for much else”

—Rick I.
San Jose, CA


“Dr. Chan is an excellent dentist. My daughter has gone to him for the last 5 years since we moved to Gilroy. His office staff are friendly and efficient. I highly recommend him.”

—Lynette L.
Gilroy, CA


“I’ve been coming to Gar Chan since 1999 and have been completely satisfied. if he can’t do it – he’ll send you to someone who can!
He has a great team in place and is very conservative in his approach but always looking at new materials and techniques – once they are proven and accepted by his peers he aggressively learns how to deploy them within his practice. He is a member of at least 3 monthly study groups to share best practices and examine interesting case studies.”

—Dave M.
Gilroy, CA