Knocked Out Tooth (Avulsed Tooth)

Knocked Out Tooth (Avulsed tooth)  

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If a tooth is completely knocked out of the mouth, pick up the tooth by the crown only. Contact Dr. Chan and hurry to the office. During transport do not allow the tooth to dry and do not “wipe the tooth off, since remnants of the ligament which hold the tooth in the jaw are attached and are vital to the success of reimplantation.

Do one of the following;
•Rinse the tooth with water, then re-implant the tooth at the site; or
•Place the tooth in lukewarm salt water or milk;
•Have the individual hold the tooth in their mouth, being careful not to swallow it.

The key to successfully reattaching a tooth is to get it reimplanted in the socket as soon as possible. Knocked Out Tooth (Avulsed tooth)With each minute that passes, more of the cells on the root of the tooth die. The best chance for success is reimplantation within the first 30 minutes, with chances still good for up to two hours. It may be necessary for Dr. Chan to do a root canal treatment one to two weeks after the tooth has been stabilized. Other dental procedures may be needed to repair or rebuild fractured teeth. In the event that injured teeth cannot be saved or repaired, dental implants are often now utilized as replacements for missing teeth.

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