Smile Gallery

Before and After Photos

Pre-Op: Patient unhappy with the gaps & unevenness of her teeth.
Post-Op: Spaces & gaps were closed with orthodontics & porcelain veneers to improve her smile.

Pre-Op: Gum disease & misalignment damaged this patient’s teeth.
Post-Op: Extracted (9) hopeless teeth Treated & maintenance of gum disease. A fixed bridge restored smile.

Pre-Op: The patient was in pain, disliked his appearance.
Post-Op: Upper partial denture & implant with lower denture stabilized by two implants.

Pre-Op:  The patient disliked the space between his front teeth.
Post-Op: Porcelain veneers closed the gap.

Pre-Op: The teeth were damaged.
Post-Op: Crowns restored the function and esthetics.

Pre-Op: The teeth were discolored.
Post-Op: Crowns restored the esthetics.

Pre-Op: The teeth were worn, scooped out, and thin with no enamel.
Post-Op: Tooth colored fillings & crowns restored the thickness and increased longevity.

Pre-Op: The teeth had large gaps & worn, scooped out top edges.
Post-Op: Long lasting crowns lengthened & restored the bite.

Pre-Op: The large gap, teeth tipping inward, & a missing tooth contributed to the unsightly image.
Post-Op: Consideration of the patient’s age & development were considered in treatment, resulting in a natural result.

Pre-Op: The gums look red, inflamed, unhealthy,
Post Op: The gums were re-contoured quickly & painlessly with a laser.

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