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For Your Protection – The Air Doctor

For the past several weeks  visitors to our office may have noticed a slight humming noise emanating from a white box sitting on our reception room floor.  This unit is known as the Air Doctor and it helps to remove and filter the following: Smoke  (0.1-1 microns) Bacteria (.02-0.2 microns) Viruses (0.1-1 microns) Pollen (10-20 […]

Wishing Our Wonderful Staff A Happy Valentine’s Day !

Our staff is deserving of being called “Sweet” because of all the wonderful ways they treat our family, friends and each other.  Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day, Susan, Renee, Dayna and Sandra! And not to forget our very special Cyndi for all that she does to support and encourage our patients towards healthier […]

Ask An Expert: Should You Get A COVID Vaccine If You Are Immunocompromised?

Excerpts and edited notes for this blog were referenced from an “Ask An Expert” KCBS radio station 740 FM segment on January 11th, 2021 at 9:20 AM hosted by Stan Bunger. The following information was prepared by Jessica Yi. This blog is presented for viewers to validate, accept and/or decline its content and findings on […]

Renee Villano – Scheduling Coordinator Gets Vaccinated

Renee Villano, our office Scheduling Coordinator, gets her first vaccination dose.