Ask An Expert: Is It Safe To Visit The Dentist?

Excerpts and edited notes for this blog were referenced from an “Ask An Expert” KCBS radio station 740 FM segment on November 25th, 2020 at 9:20 AM hosted by Stan Bunger. The following information was prepared by Jim Taylor. This blog is presented for viewers to validate, accept and/or decline its content and findings on their own.

Ask An Expert

It has been more than eight months since the coronavirus pandemic forced lockdowns, which means it is past time for most people to get their regular dental exam and cleaning. The pandemic has created fear about a slate of normal activities, particularly ones that require close contact indoors, like going to the dentist. But dentists are doing their part to reassure people that it is safe to come to the office.

“The transmission of COVID in the dental office is practically nonexistent,” said Dr. Richard Nagy, president of the California Dental Association on KCBS Radio’s “Ask An Expert” program Wednesday.

That is because dentists are well-versed in infection control policies.

“Ever since the mid-eighties when the HIV scare came, dental offices were the leaders in infection control policies for blood borne pathogens,” explained Dr. Nagy.

He said between state of the art PPE, face masks, face shields and disinfectants, the likelihood of transmission is low.

If you really feel concerned, talk to your dentist about their safety practices and give them the chance to assuage your worries. Dr. Nagy said while it might feel strange, you could even ask the dentist about their COVID-19 status.

“I think that’s a valid question for the dentist and I think most dentists would be very happy to answer that because again, the answer would be, ‘No I don’t have COVID as well as my staff or my office has not seen COVID patients.'”

With many more months to go before the majority of Americans have access to a coronavirus vaccine, Dr. Nagy said it is time to stop putting off seeing the dentist.