Dr. Gar Chan & South-Bay-Backpackers Rescued From Raging Creek Fire

Dr. Gar Chan and his two hiking friends had to make alternate plans on their backpacking trip this past week due to the raging fires. For all of our family, friends and patients who have been calling about him, Dr. Chan arrived home safely and today he is back at the office doing what he does best – Dentistry.

The following are excerpts and edited notes referenced from www.nbcbayarea.com/news/California.

“After all we have seen through the past weeks the fire near Yosemite is an unprecedented disaster. That is according to Cal Fire. This is at the Sierra National Forest, northeast of Fresno, more than one hundred and forty people trapped by the Creek Fire were rescued by helicopter early Tuesday morning on September 9th, 2020. Over the holiday Labor Day weekend the National Guard helicopters rescued two hundred other campers out of this area. People are being evacuated from several place, Hidden Lake, China Peak, Lake Edison, Shaver Lake. These are all popular spots. Among the people rescued were three backpackers from the South Bay.

NBC’s Marianne Farvo reports fast moving flames engulfing miles of trees in the Sierra National Forest. This is what three friends from South Bay escaped as the Creek Fire edged towards them. San Jose Geology Professor Robert Miller, Gilroy Dentist Dr. Gar N. Chan , and Program Manager Ken Oliver left the South Bay for a Labor Day trip to deliver new supplies to a friend hiking the John Muir Trail. But when ash started to rain, they raced twelve miles back to their car at Hidden Valley Resort near Lake Edison.

It was another day of dramatic rescues at the fast moving Creek Fire outside Yosemite as the fire continued to trap hundreds of people camping in the area. A total of 148 people have been airlifted to safety Tuesday, including three South Bay backpackers. Marianne Favro reports.”

Link to NBC’s news video clip: