Welcome little Layla!


Patients come in all sizes and ages.  This is six year old Layla, who came in today for her first visit with us.

Dr. Chan checked her teeth for cavities and for spacing.  He did this to make sure that as she grows, she will have enough space throughout her mouth for her permanent teeth, which are almost always larger than her primary or baby teeth.  During her appointment Layla’s teeth were colored to show her in the mirror where the “pink colored sugar bugs” were hiding.  Layla could see where she needed to use her toothbrush to brush off those pesky bugs.

All of her teeth were then polished to make them all shiny and bright.  Every six months Layla’s teeth will be checked to monitor her growth patterns and to keep her dentition and oral condition as healthy as possible.

Layla left with a big smile, especially after picking out a toy from the toy box.   Great check-up, Layla!