Why Online Registration is Essential During COVID-19

Reasons Why Online Registration is Essential During COVID-19 for Dental Patients


Social Distancing Business Best Practices

If you haven’t tried online registration to access and complete your dental office forms yet, there’s no better time than the present. In fact, many dental offices have found that it’s become necessary over the last few months as we attempt to comply with physical distancing orders.

Before the global pandemic of COVID-19, the benefit to modernizing patient intake with online forms ranged from patient convenience and satisfaction to front desk efficiency and cost-savings in data entry. But now, as we continue to wait for sheltering orders to be lifted, and as we slowly and cautiously ease back into in-person appointments and care, secure online forms and registration are a must.

Why is secure online registration essential?

Aligns with Physical Distancing Orders

We are all faced with a long road ahead as we navigate public health strategy and relax physical distancing measures. Online forms help patients comply with physical distancing and shelter in place orders, limiting exposure for you and your staff.

Ensures HIPAA Compliancy

All of us understand the importance of a secure website and the necessity of a secure and safe way of collecting and documenting ePHI (Private Health Information) between patients and providers. An online patient form system for dental practices that fulfills all HIPAA requirements is instrumental in ensuring patient information remains confidential.

Offers Convenience

COVID-19 or not, online forms are more convenient and efficient for patients because they can be completed at home from a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone rather than at the dental office. Believe it or not, two-thirds of patients prefer digital scheduling to paper, and nearly half would consider switching providers for the ease of online registration.

Provides A Way To Go Green & Be Time Efficient

Paper charts use our precious resources and cost money. And more expensive than the price of paper and copying and printing is the time spent on data entry, scanning, and filing. Practices using online registration are saving thousands of dollars and countless hours of clerical work.  These monetary and time resources can be better re-allocated towards safety measures and equipment.

Eliminates Data Entry Errors

Why enter data twice when a one-time online form filled out by the patient would do the trick? In addition to being integrated with practice management software and customized for specific needs and specialties, online registration eliminates tedious yet important data entry. Our staff can simply verify, accept, and convert the collected data into a new patient account, saving valuable time and avoiding potential errors.

Helps Us Become Paperless

A paperless office begins with a paperless chart.  Because we have moved on to digital records, we are well on our way. But a truly paperless office bypasses all time-consuming and redundant paper stages entirely. When we move from storing information electronically to receiving and retrieving that information electronically as well, we have nailed the paperless goals.

Collects E-Signatures

Who needs pen and paper for acceptance of treatment or consent? Our patients are provided with the luxury of signing their secured documents electronically in the office.

Easily Plugs into the Practice Website

Digital form registration has never been easier than with our software which is a secure, HIPAA compliant system that enables patients to send their forms directly through our website prior to their visit. The information is automatically transferred into our practice management software and safely stored.

Integrates with Existing Software

Online registration systems like our software integrate and auto-populates medications to appropriate forms, streamline workflow, and eliminate potentially dangerous errors when office staff input names of prescriptions, dosages, and frequency of administrations. This seamless integration improves both patient care and clinician satisfaction.

Offices that have adopted online form completion have reported that over three-quarters of their patients use the online system, saving about 15 minutes per chart or 7.5 hours a day in preparation and data entry. This leaves our staff more time to spend making sure our facilities are sanitized,  kept safe for all, and most of all, to provide necessary and needed dental care.

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